Each cookie is made by hand! More specifically, each small batch of dough is rolled by hand, each edible flower is picked by hand and each cookie is thoughtfully designed and then packaged by hand.

We take immense pride in our high quality ingredients and care. All ingredients are organic and of the highest quality. Loria has connections with local farmers where she sources many of her botanicals. Additionally, we take extra thought (and coins) when it comes to sustainability-- we use recycled parchment paper that is coated with silicone instead of the chemical quillon and use recycled bubble wrap. We like to keep things natural around here and avoid any man made chemicals-- from our natural dish soap to our counter spray, everything is chemical free and natural.

All cookies are made by hand with utmost care. Cookies are pressed with flowers and herbs seasonally available. Every cookie is different and pressed with individual botanicals. Cookies may appear differently from the items shown online due to seasonal availability. We have a special recipe and employ secret techniques (that you can actually find in Loria’s cooking classes here! →

Your purchase supports a small, hardworking woman owned business- thank you kindly!