About Loria


Loria Stern’s vibrant edible botanical creations have been celebrated in VogueThe New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Oprah among others. The Los Angeles based chef, baker, botanist, gardener, and artist first gained fame as the originator of the botanical pressed cookie.  Since 2016, Loria has created a thriving bakery and catering brand that values local community, sustainability and inclusivity. She harvests from her own abundant flower garden, works alongside local farmers to source seasonal and organic produce, and implements creative waste reduction and water conservation practices whenever possible. With her natural, often plant-based creations, Loria celebrates the nutritional and medicinal value, as well as the inherent aesthetic beauty of botanical ingredients. A trained visual artist as well, she began using edible botanicals in her baking and cooking, and has since discovered techniques to best extract flavor and manipulate natural color. The result would ignite the formation of her namesake brand, where Loria transforms flowers, herbs and plants into an array of decorative, nutritious and delicious artworks.  


Loria currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  Loria is available to plan creative menus and cook delicious meals for any occasion - from private events to meal deliveries to special occasion cakes.  Please get in touch here